Egyptians on hunger strike worldwide to halt executions in Egypt

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Members of the Egyptian community in the United States to go on hunger strike and sit-in in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York in conjunction with similar activities in Britain, Canada and a number of countries around the world, starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 17, 2021, in an attempt to alert the international community and peoples of the free world For the severe violations of human rights in Egypt, especially the politicized death sentences, and the demand to stop their implementation.

A statement issued Thursday by the “Campaign to Abolish Politicized Executions in Egypt” stated that the hunger strike and sit-in also aim to unveil the unprecedented number of politicized death sentences which are in violation of the articles of the Egyptian Criminal Law and all relevant international treaties to which Egypt has not fulfilled its pledge to make those Treaties being as integral part of the Egyptian judicial legislation.

The statement obtained by the Arabic news website ( stated that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, since seizing the rule of Egypt through a military coup in 2013, has been keen to tighten the executive authority’s complete control over the judiciary, so that there is no way for any judge to continue or advance in his position except With the approval of Sisi, and thus the justice system in Egypt was eliminated.

The statement pointed out that Sisi used the judiciary as a weapon to fight political opponents, and the matter came to carrying out 98 politicized executions, all of which lacked the lowest degree of justice, as they are issued by non-competent courts in light of the lack of impartial legal investigations and the extraction of confessions from defendants under torture, and the Public Prosecution’s ignoring of the defendants’ complaints From extracting confessions from them under torture.

The People’s Democratic Party- PDP (the first party to represent the Egyptian left outside Egypt), headed by the Egyptian politician (Ahmed Hassan El Sharkawi), put forward last March an integrated plan aimed at putting pressure on the Egyptian regime to release political detainees of all political orientations under the slogan: (freedom for all Egyptian detainees).

The campaign, which was temporarily called the “Al-Serraj Al-Munir Movement for the Release of Detainees”, which was launched by the PDP with the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) under this name, initially aims to use new and unprecedented means to pressure the Egyptian regime, including the use of the “hunger strike” to be implemented by sons of the Egyptian prisoners of conscience or family members and relatives to the detainees who managed to get out of Egypt and obtained foreign nationalities.” To introduce the situation of prisoners of conscience in Egypt and to communicate it to civil society, decision-makers, political elites, and renowned media institutions in the West.

Through these and other mechanisms, the movement aims, according to El Sharkawi, to take the initiative on the issue of political detainees in Egypt through “real pressure cards” that bring “international sympathy” and “popular support” from peoples, parliaments, bodies, political parties and personalities interested in human rights in Egypt and the Arab world to exert pressure on the Egyptian regime to release the largest possible number of political

detainees and to stop carrying out politicized death sentences against them.


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